Another Great Trolley Derby

We had a great day helping out at the Arrowtown trolley derby. For the first time we were official scrutineers for the event and Joaquín did the honours, checking the trollies were all safe and within the rules.

The weather on the day was (mostly) amazing and the action and racing fierce. There were a few big crashes on the hairpin which kept everyone on their toes.

Mike spent the day driving our Landie up the hill with the salvage trailer loaded up with trollies and a mix of other volunteers drove our Rangie doing the same thing.

We also had Lucinda, our Fordson shop truck out on display with one of our new Vintage Scooter Adventures Peugeot scooters on the back.

Last of all we managed to give away a couple of prizes at the end of the day.

The only thing that was missing was our own cart. Next year?

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